Family Ties under an Oil Paint Sky

Colette Juran, St. Luke’s School, New Canaan, CT

Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetOn the weekend of October 11th , the Bruce Museum hosted its Annual Arts Festival, where artists across the country presented the anthology of their works to the community. This event showcased a mélange of artists possessing different styles, stories, and symbols. Consequently, the Bruce Museum’s Arts Festival is illustrative of something larger: the human connections formed between the brushstrokes. Art serves to immortalize and expand the occurrences of daily life, by preserving precious moments and emotions in a tangible form.

In one happy coincidence, two artists, Barbara and Victoria Jenkins, grandmother and granddaughter displayed side by side without realizing that the other would be present. Barbara, Victoria’s grandmother, had been consecutively frequenting the Bruce festival as a contributing artist for 18 years. Her impassioned dedication to her work is embodied by the wide variety of styles that she has mastered ranging from her most acclaimed genre of landscapes to her current abstract paintings. Her art, however, has had an unexpected, but welcomed outcome. It has instilled a sense of creativity that has been absorbed by the roots of the Jenkins family tree. Victoria, a recent art school graduate, cites both father and grandmother as her inspirations for her passion for art. From a young age, Victoria has been immersed in an environment centered on the significance of self-expression due to the position art held in her family. She recalls finger painting as a child as one of her earliest introductions into the creative process. Concocting new colors with her fingers opened up a world of opportunity that defines her life to this day. Victoria’s current work, which she titles based on the motif of different types of alcohol and emotions, is also abstract. The deep scale of colors contained by her work is reminiscent of the days of her past spent blending paint with her fingers.

The two both assert that this accidental meeting has brought them closer together and reminds them of the connections they share. They have decided that they will attend other art festivals together due to this lucky incident, which contributes an invaluable lesson to art lovers and artists alike. Art’s true importance arises from what it evokes, that is the truth it helps humanity understand and appreciate. In order to treasure what is close to oneself, it is essential that one expresses one’s true emotions and nothing is a better outlet for communicating one’s innermost ideas than all forms of art. Barbara and Victoria’s story is representative of just that and I wish them the best in their careers.


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Cat Tracking Researchers Needed

cattrackerCat Tracker – Find out the secret life of your feline friend. Investigate where and how far your outdoor cat roams by tracking them with GPS technology. Does your cat stay in the backyard or does it wander into your neighborhood? We will be comparing your cat’s range data with those from coyote-free Long Island to see if they roam differently when a top predator nearby. We have harnesses and GPS units available for loan at no charge. Please contact Tim Walsh, Citizen Science Coordinator by email or phone (203) 413-6767.

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