Why Pheromones Work and How

Pheromones are amazing. Whenever you have a “I am good with women” guy go up against a “I can get girls” guy, the “I can get girls” guy always wins. With zero effort. From the “I can get girls” perspective, the only things that exists are windows of escalation. But when you wear pheromone colognes to attract the opposite sex your chances of scoring greatly improve.

When you see a window, you simply approach casually. You talk about normal every day stuff. Just being yourself. Because you can already get girls. You don’t need to run any attraction game or prove yourself with real pheromones. Learn about the most powerful pheromones.

Another window opens and you close the distance, physically escalate, or make out with her. These things are literally the only things that exist in the “I can get girls” reality. It is never more difficult or profound than what I just described. This is why my game looks completely effortless. And most of the time I forget what I am saying to women. In reality, they forget what I am saying too. The only thing that exists between us is her giving me an open window and me closing the distance and touching her and escalating.

My perspective with pheromones

From the “I am good with women” perspective, it is completely different. Chances are, he won’t even notice her subtle cues because he is so wrapped up in his own ego. He is too busy trying to prove that he has great game so he ends up playing the game by himself. She gives him one cue and he ends up doing something completely unrelated. This is the “try hard” “game mode” that a lot of puas fall trap to. Eventually she ends up rolling her eyes at him because it is obvious he doesn’t “get it”. He is a guy on the outside trying to get in. Check out my Pherazone Ultra review | http://pomm79.moonfruit.com/

I have figured it all out so that you guys don’t have to use real pheromones. In reality, all that exists is the belief that you can get chicks, windows of escalation, babbling at her, talking about random stuff, and physically escalating. This is the “sweet spot” of seduction. When you become really good, this is all that you will go through and every interaction will feel like a blur until you start making out with her.

This is the past 2 weeks of doing online game here and there. Some convos are incomplete because I don’t want to set any dates yet. I still have other women from last month’s online game that I haven’t even seen yet. Plus women I’ve met in real life, and the current women I am already seeing. But I like to add to the abundance and stack as many women as possible on principle. I like to get to the point where I actually forget about women. I also like to get girls to commit to hanging out in advance and then set up dates later on when I am free so that I can pick up where I left off rather than “game” them all over again. In this week’s examples, I finally use my banter + rapport skills on two different women (woman # 3 and 4). Usually it’s straight up qualifying women and then rewarding them. Learn about Pherazone Ultra field report.

Dealing With Pheromones in A Break-Up

Dealing with pheromones and women can be tricky. First of all, your position is weak and you’ve lost your pheromone dominance, because you’ve asked her to give you another chance basically… you’ve shown your hand.

If you had more women and pheromones in your life, this wouldn’t be something you concern yourself with… she’d be concerned, but you wouldn’t. Better that way.

So now you’re going to be performing most likely, it’ll feel disingenuous and forced. Maybe even creepy and weird. You won’t give her the human pheromone experience you think she needs, for you to get what you want stronger pheromones.

To be honest… if she were that incredible, you probably would have paid her more attention… if she were that cool, she probably would’ve gone out and made some friends by now (but my standards may be different to yours… not better/worse… different).

Deedook makes a good point in that regard about pheromone concentrations entering the VNO.

You can send her a pheromonal message like:

“Listen I’ve been thinking… the reasons you’re not happy here, I can’t fix for you. You need friends here and I can’t make them for you. I do love you and I’d prefer you to be in my life than not. But if I can’t give you what you need, I’m wasting your time and I couldn’t forgive myself for that. You’ll always have me as a friend xx”

If nothing else it puts things back on your terms. You regain the power. Yes, you might lose her, but hey – you’re a 36 year old with his fucking dream job!!

Using Pherazone Pheromones in A Relationship

Using Pherazone Ultra pheromones can be beneficial to anyone involved in a relationship that needs to spice things up. Pherazone contains the most powerful blend of pheromones on the market and increase attraction more than any competing brand. Learn why Pherazone is so popular.

Now onto the more important part… what the fuck are you doing thinking you’ve done something wrong here? You got your DREAM JOB and you’ve been working it like a MOTHER FUCKER!! . That’s AMAZING!! GREAT FOR YOU! If she’s not on board, fuck her.

Do you know how awesome it is to be with a guy who has his DREAM JOB? How RARE that is?? And the MONEY? I mean money doesn’t matter but shit, let’s not forget it either!

Dude, you’re a winner. And there’s every chance this 1 in 3,500,000,000 girl might ‘not’ be the be all, end all, you know?

Here’s what I imagine happened:

– Life is going ok… meet girl… kisses, cuddles and fucks make life feel better…

– Get dream job… life becomes amazing, because dream job…

– Girl gets all complacent and lazy but pussy everything’s not as good for her as it is for you…

– Girl makes no effort to improve her position but goes back to her comfort zone…

– You start missing the kisses, cuddles and fucks…

– You get a bit lonely one night and make a choice between:

  1. A) Go out and meet a new girl, spray champagne over her tits and eat caviar off her clit
  2. B) Call old girl and try to get her back

Depending on your perspective… one will seem infinitely easier than the other. I feel you went what you felt was path of least resistance. Learn Tinder dating secrets.

KEEP THIS IN MIND: You’re a Winner… other girls will want you (dudes with their dream job are almost always more happy, more interesting, more passionate, more full of life and more fulfilled than the regular dregs and wage slaves society produces…)…

Boostultimate Supplement Any Good?

Best supplements and foods for Sex and having great sexlife? Which ones are clear improvements to our sexlife? Any good recommendations?

Ginger has been very positive for me, and it seems like for a few others in that thread. Not everyone’s going to respond in exactly the same way toward some things, I’m sure. Learn about Boostultimate | http://male-enhancement-report.com/

I would agree that of course exercise is hugely beneficial. Probably, pretty much, even requisite. Pine pollen has been very beneficial for me for general mood and probably all else as a result. I’d add in the practice of not finishing off / ejaculating all the time. It’s gotten to a point where that just seems like a crazy habit to maintain. But yeah, I still don’t see how you want this thread to differ in topic from the other one, unless you just want a summation. Try things out that are mentioned in that thread? See what personally works for you? To my experience anything that boost ur testosterone can make your horny, I’ve tried. Selengine – works great on libido and also help to get a hard on much more often.

Tribullus – more T more aggressive more sex driven. Maca /ginses – quite mild effect noticeable after taking it for longer periods of time. Ginger – no sexual boost for me just more energy. Citrulline malate –  (thanks yoga boy)  works wonders lol but some people just don’t respond to it so well it works very well for me but 2 of my friends don’t react to it at all.

In general I would say that just simply going to the gym and not compulsory fapping works the best, everything else is a over compensation to a unhealthy diet or a girl that’s not hot enough. Spring onion is also powerful.

And for a great sex life, you may consider eating a lot of parsley with all the onion and garlic you’re devouring. Really does wonders for your breath. Well I was looking back on all the supplements yesterday, and said to myself, if I had to start again, which ones I would keep taking for the rest of my life.

Only 1 really stood out for me, and that’s ZMA.

2 x ZMA a night are essential for me. I noticed after 2 weeks of not taking ZMA, I would get these lows and mild depression, a self doubt in myself and abilities. Something I experienced a lot last year before I started taking ZMA at all, and it was never elevated with the copious amounts of other supplements I had ever experimented with. It felt like a frustration deep inside, a feeling I just couldn’t get rid of. However I noticed if I always take 2 ZMA a night, my life is always on a positive note, I always feel happy, and it’s hard to ever feel frustrated or angry. But this is probably unique to me, as my friend has taken ZMA for years, and he went through a deep depressive cycle. Then again our ZMA’s are different forms of zinc and magnesium, so this could make a difference in it’s effect. I take the cheap myprotein’s own brand, and he takes the official brand. Whatever the case, ZMA is probably my top supplement for life improvement.

First Rule of Using Pheromones

The first rule of using pheromones is that they have to contain androstenone. You’re not talking about what you will do, or who you will become. At a behavioral level your brain doesn’t respond to that kind of language. The part of your brain that controls your emotions and how you feel, only operates in the present tense. Don’t tell yourself that you will become good with women. Tell yourself that you ARE good with women who use pheromones. Avoid using words or phrases like ”I will”, ”someday’’, ’’I intend to.”

Your pheromones must always be in pure form. If you don’t believe in your pheromones, I’m not going to pretend like changing your belief system is an easy task.  Learn about sexy pheromone cologne | http://adorablereligio49.jimdo.com. It’s not. There are 2 types of people in the world. Those who are born once and those who are born more than once. I’m not talking about anything religious here. The majority of people who are born accept who they are till the day that they die. They never change, they never really grow, they simply remain the person they are until it’s all said and done with true pheromone attraction. There’s billions of women in the world and even if only one of them finds you attractive that means this belief is false. More likely is that some women find you attractive and some women don’t. You can choose to believe either of these 2 statements, and which one do you think is better for your Legend?

Learn about pheromone attraction | http://mpommett79.hatenablog.com

Finally when you’ve gotten enough sufficient feedback and enough people to agree to your belief you can accept it as FACT. Technically if you’re crazy, you don’t have to do this stage in pheromone production. Even delusional people have great success with women because they just ignore everyone’s feedback and believe whatever they feel like.

The first time I ever did this was during my Swedish fetish. I had at this point only met 1 Swedish girl that had been interested in me, but I decided to ignore every other interaction I’d ever had with a Swedish girl and only focused on the fact that I knew of at least 1 Swedish girl who was really in to me. You need to have something that you do, a purpose, a hobby. You need to have something going on in your life that regardless of whether a woman is there or not, you are committed to it. This thing needs to be your passion, your primary focus is on true pheromones. Learn about  pheromone parties | http://chrshrt112.typepad.com/. Being on your own path is dangerous to others around you because it means that you are your own man. You make your own rules and they can no longer control you. So if you really want freedom and the endless possibility that comes from it, adopt the mindset that you are on your own path and this is your life. Once you realize that all the happiness you need is already inside you and that until you are completely content and happy and in love with yourself, nothing you will achieve with women will ever really make you happy. Sure it will be fun, you’ll have some good times, but you’ll always be searching for the greatest pheromones.

Does Max Attraction Gold Work?

Pheromones are used abundantly to increase attraction from the opposite sex. He has a nice face, an open face. Maybe that’s why I didn’t turn him away. Learn more at Max Attraction Gold |  http://pheromones-planet.com

Max Attraction Gold is a popular pheromone cologne and this is my experience with it.

Using Pheromones

Once settled in next to Jessica, Peter’s eyes moved away from her hair, the physical trait he had seen first, and he began to fall in love with the sound of her voice. He then found himself reacting to her perfume but was it her perfume, or her own scent? At one point in their conversation, Peter reached over and touched Jessica’s hand briefly. He noticed that her skin was soft and smooth.

Jessica, too, began to pay attention to more and more of Peter’s attributes. She found herself drawn to him physically. He smelled nice. She liked his laugh. She said she felt safe in his presence.

The flight ended, and both Peter and Jessica were disappointed at the prospect of parting. They exchanged phone numbers and promised to keep in touch. Four years later, they are a happy, energetic couple-and very much in love. Even their busy lives, which take them around the world and to their several homes, don’t get in the way of their chemical attraction, an attraction that is evident in how they look at each other, and how each responds to the other.

It’s clear that Peter and Jessica relied on a complex interplay of sensory cues to discover their mutual attraction layer by layer. They did have a number of things in common, and those similarities helped propel their first meeting into a courtship and an ensuing relationship. Still, their story reveals the degree to which their senses were involved during their first exchange aboard the airplane.

Humans are sensory creatures. Every second of our waking hours is spent sifting through the myriad stimuli that filter into our sense organs and travel to our brains for processing and decoding. When we meet someone, our senses jump to attention and begin to deliver information that helps us determine whether the person standing in front of us is appealing. But how does it all happen, and in what order?

I knew that Jessica would be attracted to the smell of human pheromones.

Pheromones still challenges scientists researching sensory systems. The order in which sensory cues are processed depends on the parameters of each individual situation. So, rather than attempt to assign an easy—to-understand formula to each sense, it’s better to view them as separate biological systems, each vitally important to the final result: sensory perception.

The ancient Greeks were the first to divide the human senses into the five categories of touch, sight, hearing, taste, and smell.

The sixth sense has not been named officially, but it might be accurate to call it the pheromone sense: a system of chemical communication that processes those airborne molecules that facilitate subconscious communication between people. When an invisible, odorless pheromone molecule enters the human nose, it encounters the vomeronasal organ.

The pheromone and the VNO then begin to communicate via a succession of chemosensory signals. Once stimulated by pheromones, the human VNO responds by sending messages down the highway of neurons that terminates in the hypothalamus.

While the brain is the processing and distribution center for all the senses, the pheromone sense and the sense of smell are the only ones connected directly to the oldest region of the brain, the region that was in place long before the seat of consciousness the cerebral cortex evolved to its present size.

Given that the pheromone sense is processed in the hypothalamus, can we surmise that humans live by feelings and behaviors evoked by pheromonal stimuli? While this is certainly what happens in many animals, humans are somewhat different. Humans do indeed process pheromonal cues, but for the most part we don’t follow those cues with blinders on and all logic thrown to the wind. We take in and process pheromones, and the hypothalamus tells us what to do at a subconscious level. Whether we choose to listen to the call of the hypothalamus, however, is largely dictated by the degree to which our other sensory and cognitive systems interject their own information. When you take in another person’s pheromones, your cortex