Vigrx Plus Boosts Sex Drive

Imagine how you’d feel seeing your penis three inches bigger in length and girth. Imagine the confidence you’d possess, knowing that you could get it up at will. When you use the time-tested, and proven VigRx Plus that’s what you can expect.

If you’re tired of being embarrassed by your size… If you want to have better sex… VigRx Plus is for you. When people talk about penis enhancements, there’s one name that always comes up – VigRx Plus. If you’ve seen any penis pill comparisons, there’s one name that’s always there – VigRx Plus.

About Vigrx

There’s a good reason why VigRx Plus is the standard by which all other penis enhancement pills are judged. No other product can match the positive results that VigRx Plus’s cutting-edge formula provides.

When men want to guarantee they can enhance their penis, there’s only one name they turn to – VigRx Plus. You can’t argue with facts – Unlike others, we’ve helped thousands of men, all around the world enhance their penis size. If you’re not satisfied with your penis size, or simply want to reclaim some of your youthful vigors, use VigRx Plus. There’s a reason why it is often imitated but never duplicated.

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The Formula and Research

When men want to guarantee they can enhance their penis, there’s only one name they turn to – VigRx Plus. You can’t argue with facts – Unlike others, we’ve helped thousands of men, all around the world enhance their penis size. If you’re not satisfied with your penis size, or simply want to reclaim some of your youthful vigors, use this product. There’s a reason why VigRx Plus is often imitated but never duplicated.

Vigrx Plus & Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction can be stated as a health condition wherein a man faces an inability to sustain a proper erection which is required for satisfactory sexual activity. The occurrence of erectile dysfunction can happen at any time, age is not a constraint for this health condition. Erectile dysfunction can be complete, chronic and brief. With this condition, a man can experience an inability to achieve an erection, inconsistent ability in doing the same or only able to have brief erections.

The procedure which leads to an erection:

The erectile organ consists of two chambers called corpora cavernosa which cover the length of the organ. The chamber consists of spongy tissues which are surrounded by a membrane called tunica albuginea. Urethra which is a channel for the urine to pass runs under the corpora cavernosa. Erection comes along with mental stimulation. Muscles which are situated in the corpora cavernosa start relaxing when impulses are reached from the brain to local nerves which allow blood flow and helps to attain an erection.


When people talk about penis enhancements, there’s one name that always comes up – VigRx Plus. If you’ve seen any penis pill comparisons, there’s one name that’s always there – VigRx Plus. There’s a good reason why it is the standard by which all other penis enhancement pills are judged. No other product can match the positive results that VigRx Plus’s cutting-edge formula provides.

Traditionally, the medical community has taken a reactionary approach to dysfunction by responding to problems with aggressive prescriptions or invasive surgery. Unfortunately, these methods often cause unwanted and even dangerous side effects. Attempts to enhance penis size through non-medical methods usually mean ineffective pills or exercises, or even worse, manipulations that brutalize the penis with weights, straps, rings or pumps.

My Review

Like most men looking to improve their sex lives and eliminate common sexual problems such as premature ejaculation and weak erections, you no doubt are inundated with offers, many questionable, many making outlandish claims. It is enough to make a fellow want to give it up and settle for a mediocre, unsatisfying sex life since it is difficult to wade through all the junk to find the quality male enhancement products. Learn more about Vigrx Plus reviews.

Well, I kind of knew from my own personal experience over the last few years that VigRX Plus provides these benefits. Also, VigRX Plus Reviews and Testimonials have demonstrated the very high satisfaction rate men note after using VigRX. However, I wanted to see it proven scientifically for the benefit of countless other men with similar concerns who have been “on the fence” about which penis enhancement pill to try.

The results with Vigrx Plus have been better than expected. 6 Weeks later, my libido is strong, and I am having more sex than ever.

Vigrx Plus Review – Safe Alternative to Viagra

Vigrx contains the most effective formula for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and other health problems. This product contains the finest and fresh substances which have been collected and checked for there usefulness from all over the world. The formula has been clinically proven and scientifically designed to bring in the maximum results. The ingredients are scientifically tested and potent aphrodisiac herbal concentrates which have been brought in from South America, Europe, and China.


The herbs which are contained in Vigrx have the properties which guarantee to stimulate sexual activity, maintain a proper erection and enhance sexual pleasure.

Vigrx contains the following ingredients

Epimedium Leaf Extract

This ingredient is used as a libido enhancer. According to medical research, the main active ingredient is icariin which is used to increase erectile function. Epimedium also allows more blood to flow to the penis. This takes place as the levels of nitric oxide is increased which helps in relaxing and smoothing down the muscles.

Cuscuta Seed extract

This ingredient was studied in dead sperm and showed an increase by nearly 70% in live sperm and sperm motility. It also helps in the treatment of premature ejaculation, leucorrhea and aching lower back area. It also helps in increasing the fertility rate.

Ginkgo Biloba Leaf

This substance nutritionally supports for mental alertness, better and improved vitality level, circulatory health and blood vessel health. Gingko Biloba enhances vascular blood flow which results in improved erections. This ingredient promotes smooth muscle relaxation in the corpus cavernosum. The benefits of this ingredient are: better peripheral circulation, oxygenation, an increase in blood flow to the genitals which results in improved sexual function.

Asian Red Ginseng

Helps in overcoming general weakness and induces extra energy. It also contains aphrodisiacal powers. It helps in the treatment of male erectile dysfunction. Ginseng contains ginsenoside which alters blood flow to the brain and the erectile organ. It treats impotence and premature ejaculation.

Some other ingredients which are contained in Vigrx are: Saw Palmetto Berry, Muira Pauma Bark Extract, Catuaba Bark Extract and Hawthorn Berry.

The effective formula of Vigrx is

  • You don’t require a Doctor’s prescription
  • The formula has been doctor approved
  • Laboratory-controlled potency
  • Breakthrough encapsulation technique
  • Modern testing and research
  • Herbal and naturopathic wisdom

With Vigrx you are assured of a safe and successful formula.

VigRX Plus Results

Are VigRX Plus results permanent? The truth of the matter is, unlike the temporary effects of other types of male enhancement drugs, the VigRX Plus results are long-term in nature. What’s more, this enhanced supplementation product didn’t burst into the male enhancement scene to worldwide acclaim and a ton of accolades for nothing.

Every last article, review, and evaluation, and article sings the praises of this pill that serves a mix between Viagra’s blood-circulation benefits and a traditional aphrodisiac’s ability to enhance your sex drive. Furthermore, VigRX Plus helps make your body get used to high quality, full stamina sex, in the long run, so the benefits it has on your sex life is innumerable, to say the least.

What Can You Expect Out of VigRX Plus?

Many male enhancement products out there are filled with nothing but bluster and hot air; they promise the moon and the stars in terms of erectile dysfunction improvement, but all they deliver is disappointment. The reason behind this is because most anyone can promise or claim anything when it comes to cure-alls and panaceas.

The difference between VigRX Plus and the wares of these snake oil salesmen lies with the fact that it has been tested thoroughly by top male enhancement professionals in the industry and it’s vouched for by hundreds, if not thousands, of satisfied customers all around the world. The real question here is, “What kind of results can you expect out of the VigRX Plus inside the bedroom and beyond?”

Most robbers get away with selling their products because, for the most part, they do work on the short-term. However, if you want satisfactory results that won’t backfire on you,  then it’s about time you gave VigRX Plus’s genuine results a try.

No, VigRX Plus won’t change your life, personality, or turn you into some sort of Adonis. Nevertheless, what it’s advertised to do—treating any erectile dysfunction problems, increasing your libido, helping your penis get hard enough to allow penetration, and improving the quality of your sex life—are things that are readily confirmable by hundreds of testimonies, multiple clinical tests, and your own two eyes once you try it out for yourself.

VigRX Plus Results Speak for Themselves

VigRX Plus will solve some of the most common sexual problems men face on a daily basis, especially if they’ve become older and they aren’t as vigorous as they were back when they were teenagers.

It Takes Longer for You to Ejaculate:

Increased stamina and the ability to battle against premature ejaculation is one of the perks of taking VigRX Plus supplements. If you’ve ever been embarrassed by how fast you ejaculate every time you enter your partner, then the VigRX Plus is the solution to your dilemma because its all-natural male enhancement ingredients (mainly herbs and extracts) are specifically developed to let you ejaculate when you want to, which boosts your confidence and satisfies your partner a lot more thoroughly.

Your Erection Will Last Longer:

By taking in VigRX Plus, you’ll able be able to address and solve the issue of maintaining your erection. Nothing ruins sex quite like getting soft at the exact wrong time. It can even be traumatizing to you. Penetration can be difficult if you aren’t able to maintain the throbbing hardness of your member all throughout your sex sessions, so it’s best to let VigRX Plus handle everything in order for you to get strong, firmer, and better quality erections that will satisfy both you and your partner all throughout your sexual escapades.

Get Bigger Erections:

No, VigRX Plus doesn’t claim to actually increase the maximum size of your penis. Instead, it’ll help you become as big as you can possibly be. Most men have problems reaching the maximum size of their penis through a number of reasons. They range from stamina issues to psychological blocks. VigRX Plus is here to ensure that you’ll get the hundred percent size of your penis’s full potential every time. Learn about Vigrx Plus supplement review

Vitamins For A Straighter Penis

Now let’s talk about getting bigger and straighter. When your penis is crooked, you should talk to the doctor. It may be Peyronie’s. Peyronie’s is not that common. I think about half of 1% of man have Peyronie‘s, but I get a lot of questions about it. Really I’m going to be addressing getting bigger and straighter and better in this section. I’m not going to talk about jelqing because you can learn about that somewhere else. What I am going to talk about is if you are doing jelqing, how to eliminate scarring. What happens is, when you do jelqing, you get fibrosis. Your tissue becomes scarred basically. What you’re going to want to do, is you’re going to want to use this protocol, which will help you get a little bit bigger and will certainly help prevent scarring.

The T—Booster protocol is actually a very important protocol. It’s got everything to do with being bigger, being healthier, having a higher sex drive. We covered it in a previous module. Lowering prolactin and estrogen levels. This is going to be all about building up testosterone level specifically okay?

If you’re doing jelqing, you should still be doing this. This will help you remove internal scarring that may have already taken place anywhere and not just in your penis, but all your organs. The first thing is 10 milligrams of vitamin K2. I want you to take the form of K2 called MK4. There are two kinds, MK4, and MK7. You want to take MK4. 10 milligrams three times a day. It also clears clogged arteries and raises testosterone, and you want to take it with a bit of fat. That could be a fatty meal, in other words, you want to have something where you’ve had a bit of fat. Some of us take it with a tiny bit of coconut oil, but I found it just works much better when it dissolves in a bit of fat. There’s also a brand that already comes with it in it, like a little bottle where it’s dissolved in some oil, or something, which is fine.

This clears the arteries, raises testosterone on its own. It’s amazing how it increases libido. Vitamin K2 is amazing, have you ever taken it?

I have never taken K2, although I might start. Not for testosterone, but for the other benefits.

Vitamin E, you want to get the kind that’s called mixed gamma tocopherols. You don’t want to take it when you take the vitamin K2 because they compete. You want to take the E without the… A few hours after you take the vitamin K2. You can also take it up to twice a day if you want, 400 units are generally what it comes down to. You can start with that and then you can cut down to 400 units once a day after a month. Very helpful to build testosterone. Incredibly helpful. Acetylcarnitine, really amazing stuff to raise testosterone. Take one gram twice a day. It may cause euphoric feelings, which are not the worst thing in the world. It really raises testosterone. Aspirin, if you’re doing jelqing, reduces scarring and lose estrogen for everybody. Glycine which we talked about earlier, which is collagen, or gelatin. Two tablespoons. Learn about male enhancement supplements that work.

At least two, you could also have two tablespoons, you can have them one to three times a day. It’s very helpful for boosting testosterone and very good for your gut and good for everything. We talked about the T boost protocol, let’s talk about hormones and increase size.

Boostultimate Supplement Any Good?

Best supplements and foods for Sex and having great sexlife? Which ones are clear improvements to our sexlife? Any good recommendations?

Ginger has been very positive for me, and it seems like for a few others in that thread. Not everyone’s going to respond in exactly the same way toward some things, I’m sure. Learn about Boostultimate |

I would agree that of course exercise is hugely beneficial. Probably, pretty much, even requisite. Pine pollen has been very beneficial for me for general mood and probably all else as a result. I’d add in the practice of not finishing off / ejaculating all the time. It’s gotten to a point where that just seems like a crazy habit to maintain. But yeah, I still don’t see how you want this thread to differ in topic from the other one, unless you just want a summation. Try things out that are mentioned in that thread? See what personally works for you? To my experience anything that boost ur testosterone can make your horny, I’ve tried. Selengine – works great on libido and also help to get a hard on much more often.

Tribullus – more T more aggressive more sex driven. Maca /ginses – quite mild effect noticeable after taking it for longer periods of time. Ginger – no sexual boost for me just more energy. Citrulline malate –  (thanks yoga boy)  works wonders lol but some people just don’t respond to it so well it works very well for me but 2 of my friends don’t react to it at all.

In general I would say that just simply going to the gym and not compulsory fapping works the best, everything else is a over compensation to a unhealthy diet or a girl that’s not hot enough. Spring onion is also powerful.

And for a great sex life, you may consider eating a lot of parsley with all the onion and garlic you’re devouring. Really does wonders for your breath. Well I was looking back on all the supplements yesterday, and said to myself, if I had to start again, which ones I would keep taking for the rest of my life.

Only 1 really stood out for me, and that’s ZMA.

2 x ZMA a night are essential for me. I noticed after 2 weeks of not taking ZMA, I would get these lows and mild depression, a self doubt in myself and abilities. Something I experienced a lot last year before I started taking ZMA at all, and it was never elevated with the copious amounts of other supplements I had ever experimented with. It felt like a frustration deep inside, a feeling I just couldn’t get rid of. However I noticed if I always take 2 ZMA a night, my life is always on a positive note, I always feel happy, and it’s hard to ever feel frustrated or angry. But this is probably unique to me, as my friend has taken ZMA for years, and he went through a deep depressive cycle. Then again our ZMA’s are different forms of zinc and magnesium, so this could make a difference in it’s effect. I take the cheap myprotein’s own brand, and he takes the official brand. Whatever the case, ZMA is probably my top supplement for life improvement.