Does Max Attraction Gold Work?

In this article, I review Max Attraction Gold, a pheromone cologne manufactured by Luvessentials. This company has been around for more than 11 years selling pheromone products. this is supposed to be one that will make women sexually attracted to you and want to be with you sexually.


Max attraction gold is a pheromone Cologne developed by a company called Luvessentials. They’re based in Florida in the US. This cologne is supposed to give you an unfair advantage over other guys and help you pick up more woman.As someone who’s tried a lot of pheromone colognes in the past, I had to give it a try. Could Max Attraction Gold really help me pick up beautiful woman? In short, the answer is hell yes. It’s helped me so much. It’s not one of those pheromone colognes that just help you meet woman.

This cologne actually acts as a powerful sexual attractions. The best thing about it is that it works with a single spray. When you get a new pheromone cologne, it’s very, very easy to try and put on as much on because you think it’s going to be more potent. However, this is not true with Max Attraction gold.


Less is more in this case, and what I really like about that is it lasts a whole lot longer. The good thing is you’re not spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars on pheromones. You can just buy this one bottle and it last for ages. The spray itself last up to four hours. So from the moment that you put it on your body, it will last up to four hours, which is a good length of time.

Best Results

So what I recommend you do is you take it with yo if you’re going out to a club or whatever, and every four hours, just quickly pop a little spray on your pulse points. Put some on your neck and your wrists. And be careful guys, this is extremely potent. You don’t want to put too much of it on you. You just just do the bare minimum and I promise you this will work a treat.

Now unlike like other pheromone colognes, Max attraction gold is not what they call an icebreaker.

Pheromones are used abundantly to increase attraction from the opposite sex. He has a nice face, an open face. Maybe that’s why I didn’t turn him away. Learn more at Max Attraction Gold |

Max Attraction Gold is a popular pheromone cologne and this is my experience with it. I’ve tested dozens of pheromones and I must admit Max Attraction is one of my favorites. And the reason it’s one of my favorites is because it works.


When you use Max Attraction Gold, you will experience hits from women. Females are more talkative than more flirty and they are always touching on you and laughing. It’s such a great product. Luveessentials have done a great job on the manufacturing of this pheromone blend. It’s simply one of the better pheromone products on the marker.

One thing you need to know, do not use this at work. It is a very strong sexual attraction. And because of the sexual attracted, uh, you could have adverse effects when it comes to other males, other males will resent you.

They become aggressive towards you and they’ll snap out on you. So you want to be careful about willingness to work, especially if you have coworkers.

This product should be used strictly on the social scene and not at work. There’s other products that are great, such as work pheromones, or what I call a professional enhancers. Just don’t use Max Attraction Gold at work. It’s just not a good idea.

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