First Rule of Using Pheromones

The first rule of using pheromones is that they have to contain androstenone. You’re not talking about what you will do, or who you will become. At a behavioral level your brain doesn’t respond to that kind of language. The part of your brain that controls your emotions and how you feel, only operates in the present tense. Don’t tell yourself that you will become good with women. Tell yourself that you ARE good with women who use pheromones. Avoid using words or phrases like ”I will”, ”someday’’, ’’I intend to.”

Your pheromones must always be in pure form. If you don’t believe in your pheromones, I’m not going to pretend like changing your belief system is an easy task.  Learn about sexy pheromone cologne | It’s not. There are 2 types of people in the world. Those who are born once and those who are born more than once. I’m not talking about anything religious here. The majority of people who are born accept who they are till the day that they die. They never change, they never really grow, they simply remain the person they are until it’s all said and done with true pheromone attraction. There’s billions of women in the world and even if only one of them finds you attractive that means this belief is false. More likely is that some women find you attractive and some women don’t. You can choose to believe either of these 2 statements, and which one do you think is better for your Legend?

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Finally when you’ve gotten enough sufficient feedback and enough people to agree to your belief you can accept it as FACT. Technically if you’re crazy, you don’t have to do this stage in pheromone production. Even delusional people have great success with women because they just ignore everyone’s feedback and believe whatever they feel like.

The first time I ever did this was during my Swedish fetish. I had at this point only met 1 Swedish girl that had been interested in me, but I decided to ignore every other interaction I’d ever had with a Swedish girl and only focused on the fact that I knew of at least 1 Swedish girl who was really in to me. You need to have something that you do, a purpose, a hobby. You need to have something going on in your life that regardless of whether a woman is there or not, you are committed to it. This thing needs to be your passion, your primary focus is on true pheromones. Learn about  pheromone parties | Being on your own path is dangerous to others around you because it means that you are your own man. You make your own rules and they can no longer control you. So if you really want freedom and the endless possibility that comes from it, adopt the mindset that you are on your own path and this is your life. Once you realize that all the happiness you need is already inside you and that until you are completely content and happy and in love with yourself, nothing you will achieve with women will ever really make you happy. Sure it will be fun, you’ll have some good times, but you’ll always be searching for the greatest pheromones.

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