How Does A Penile Extender Work

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The idea of using penile extenders to lengthen and enlarge the male organ is certainly not a new one. Men, since early time, have always desired an increase in the size of their penis.

This idea of stretching the organ has been practiced both in ancient and in present times. However, nowadays, it is more commonly discussed and new medical advancements have also brought about better ways to help in this.

One of the ways used in the past is jelqing which involves a 20-30 minute exercise routine consisting of 300 different exercises. Others include milking, pumping and similar exercises. However, the major problem with all these methods is that they are often very time consuming and they require a lot of practice and effort for people to keep doing them. Moreover, they often do not guarantee sure results with most people.

But, scientists and researchers have continued working on trying to improve on these penile devices to come out with penile extenders that require less time and effort and able to give better results at the same time.

How do these Penile Extenders work?

Basically, they function by doing stretching exercises on the penis with the aim of increasing the length of the organ. This stretching can be done manually by hand, but is more effective if penile extenders or devices are used instead.

Penile stretching exercises or devices work in two ways. One is to expand the spongy area in the penis known as the corpora cavernosa and the corpus spongiosum. The other is to lengthen the ligaments of the penis.

There are two accepted theories to explain why penis stretching can lead to increase in length and girth of the penis. Both these theories go on the principle that if we apply an action towards any living tissue, naturally the tissue will react, changing to meet the challenge.

So, if you stretch your penis with the proper means and intensity, the living tissue will go through the following two processes:

1- Gaps between the penile tissue cells will be generated with the stretching and in order to heal, will require the generation of new tissue which would translate into penile lengthening.

2- With stretching, the girth or width of the penis will also have to increased so that the average tensile stress returns to an acceptable level.

So logically, if we use the stretching technique through a proper stretching device or exercise, we should be able to gain considerable enhancement in length and in girth.

Results with Penis Extenders

Because of the extensive research was done by the scientists, new penile extenders have been created. These look very promising in their results. After using these modern penile extenders, many men have started seeing changes in their penis size within as short a time period as a few weeks. Some were able to see an extension of up to an inch or more in less than a month. This sounds impossible but it has happened although in only a small number of cases.

Most don’t see results so quickly. However, how quickly you see results is mainly based on how diligent the person is doing the exercises and following the instructions. For example, if you wear the penile extender device for three hours per day, you won’t get the same results as a man who is wearing the device for ten hours per day. Most of the time, consistency and regularity, will maximize the chances of better results.

At present, various means of penis stretching such as penile extenders and stretchers do present a promising option for the modern male. These options have combined efficiency with safety. If used properly, these penile extenders will not only cause significant penile stretching but would also go a long way towards increasing the pleasures of healthy sexual life. Learn more at

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