Pheromax Review 2018 … My Results

Today were having a look at the awesome pheromax for men. Pheromax is a high profile pheromone thats made in Germany. It has a really high tech list of ingredients along with containing a huge amount of pure pheromone in each bottle.

About Pheromax For Men

Another awesome thing about this pheromone thats lots of people are noticing it. The atomizer is of extremely high quality. This is essentially what determines how well the pheromones are applied to the skin. This atomizer is strong, sleek and made out of metal.

Ok, ok enough about the packaging what about the product? Does it help you pick up ladies? Well the next section of this post is about precisely that. Read on my lovestuck friend to find out if we could pick up and girls using pheromax, pheromone spray for men.


Pheromax for Men is unscented, and the 14 ml metal atomier can be opened for the easy addition of your favorite cover scent. No need to worry about having a bottle of cologne or your body spray on hand when you’re refreshing your pheromones–simply add your chosen fragrance right to the atomizer and take the whole thing with you.

First Impressions

Our first impressions out at the club while using pheromax was that we were getting eyes off of women that were a lot more attractive than the type I normally attract. I noticed this effect from almost the instant I walked into the club as well so that shows this is a fast acting pheromone.

I put this fast activity down to the sheer volume of pheromone contained in this product. Pheromax contains over 33% pure pheromones. There are 5mg of pure pheromone inside each bottle. Last time I checked this was one of the most potent pheromones available on the market.

Now the big question you have all been waiting for. Did I pull and manage to seal the deal with an intimate encounter with a lovely lady? Well I cant get too explicit but lets just say I went to sleep that night with a big smile across my face.

Pheromax For Women

If you are the type of woman who is normally shy and are not lucky with men as far as dating and relationships are concerned, then Pheromax for Woman is guaranteed to greatly change your fortunes.


There are many instances in which you can use Pheromax for Women. First of all, whenever you are going to a social event where you are likely to meet men, then it is highly advisable to use this product. Who knows, it can be the first step towards a long and successful relationship. If you are going for an interview, you can also opt to use Pheromax for Women.

This is not because you are going for the interview to sample the men on the interview panel. Rather, the self-confidence that it gives you can be the difference between you landing the job and spending the next couple of days only to receive the call that will tell you you did not pass the interview.

This is not to rule out the fact that the men on the interview panel can be exposed to the pheromones you are producing and decide to give you the job instantly. Pheromax for Women does not last the whole day, however.


There are some similar pheromone based products that claim to last an entire 24 hours but this is not the case with Pheromax for Women. Pheromax for Women can last for anywhere between 4 to 6 hours.


This is a liquid pheromone and this significantly eases its mode of use. All you have to do is tilt it onto your wrist or any other pulse point on your body and watch as the magic unfolds. Pheromax for Women contains three main ingredients. These are androstenol, copulins and estratetraenole. All these have been scientifically proven to have a strong effect on men’s sexuality.


The best thing about using Pheromax for Women is the simplicity in which it comes with. You need not learn any complicated skill or a tough art in order to effectively use Pheromax for Women. All you need to do is put a few droplets on several points and you are good to go. The process takes no more than 10 seconds. Learn more about Pheromax for women.

The main difference between Pheromax for Women and other similar products is that it comes in an unscented version. While other products come complete with a perfume scent, it comes smelling exactly the same way as natural pheromones do. However, there are cover fragrances which you can use with Pheromax for Women which do not affect the way it works naturally

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