Pherazone Ultra Review and Results

Welcome to my review of Pherazone pheromones.


Whether we want to admit it or not, we are still animals. We may be the most evolved animals out there. And we may think that our psychology and our way of life has nothing to do with lower mammals. But the truth is that we are still very far away from being so evolved.

That is why pure chemistry and primal urges do not play a significant role in our lives. This may be most noticeable when we are talking about attracting the opposite sex. This is where chemistry really plays a role.

About Pheromones

Pheromones are substances that are present in the liquid that is excreted from certain parts of the body. Most notably, armpits, navel and genital region and which send out a scent that may not be registered consciously. However, they have a profound impact on how the opposite sex sees you and responds to you.

This is where Pherazone comes in a hand. It comes in a bottle that is packed full of pheromones. Just one spray will elicit a positive response from the opposite sex. And it that will make you more attractive than ever before.

When I first heard about Pherazone, I have to admit that I thought it was the craziest thing I’d ever heard about. However, once I read more about it, I realized that there could be something to it.

Besides, I remembered watching a documentary that talked about a very similar thing. Apparently, men and women are attracted to each other precisely because of the smell that we give off.

Pheromones Increase Attraction

You may have observed this yourself. There are guys out there who may look more attractive than any other man you have seen. And yet, they are having troubles with women and simply cannot close the deals.

On the other hand, you might have seen men who are less than attractive and who have to fight off women’s advances with a sharp stick. If you have never heard of pheromones, then this is probably a huge mystery to you.

How Pherazone Works

Pherazone Pheromones is a spray that is used just like any other cologne or deodorant. You simply spray it on the pulse points, meaning the points where the blood is nearest to the surface of the skin and which heats the formula so that the scent is released.

From there, the scent travels to the female nose where it enters their olfactory (smelling) system. The next step is crucial and it involves a complete bypass of the rational brain. Instead, it goes straight to the behavior center in the female brain where it provokes a response.

Pherazone contains contain these 7 human pheromones:

  • Androstenone
  • Androstanone
  • Androsterone
  • Androstedienone
  • Epiandrosterone
  • Alpha-androstenol
  • Beta-androstenol

And they not only contain them, they actually increase their power greatly by, 1000 times!


This response will make you seem much more attractive to the opposite sex. All of a sudden, you will see a significant improvement in the response you get from the women. You will find out that they are approaching you and that they are vying for your attention.

Of course, we are not saying that it will do everything for you, but Pherazone can definitely give you that much-needed edge that can help you greatly when it comes to attracting women. It is about time you experience the amazing benefits of Pherazone Pheromones and starts meeting women and seducing them without even bothering.

First Impressions

Before I started using the product, dating was not one of my things. In fact, I hated it because I was bad at it. The worst thing about it is that there was nothing wrong with me that could help me figure out why women didn’t find me attractive.

I wasn’t overweight, I think I dressed well and even though I wasn’t the most good-looking men in the world, I honestly think that I wasn’t the worst one either.

I actually asked a female colleague of mine on one occasion if she could tell me something about the type of men she was attracted to. When she started listing the qualities that she found attractive, I realized that she actually described me. When I told her that, she agreed but added that I was missing something, but she couldn’t say what exactly.

She couldn’t find any flaws or anything that she didn’t like about me, but she was simply not attracted to me. I have to say that I was really disappointed, but as I promised not to get angry with her before our discussion, the only thing I could do was go home and feel depressed.

And just as I was about to come to terms with the fact that I was simply unattractive to women for no obvious reason, I found out about Pherazone Pheromones.

As I already mentioned, it seemed crazy, but it seemed crazy enough to work, which is why I decided to order it. Before the product arrived, I have to say that I thought about whether or not it would change anything and if it did, I fantasized about what my life would be like.


And just as I was about to come to terms with the fact that I was simply unattractive to women for no obvious reason, I found out about Pherazone. It seemed crazy, but it seemed crazy enough to work, which is why I decided to order it.

Before the product arrived, I have to say that I thought about whether or not it would change anything and if it did, I fantasized about what my life would be like. Learn more about Pherazone Ultra results.


After I tried out Pherazone, I realized that the idea was not that crazy after all. In fact, it was the best idea ever because it didn’t involve anything that was difficult to do. I did nothing, but somehow, women seemed to respond to me well.

The colleague that I talked about who told me that she couldn’t explain what exactly was wrong with me told me that I looked a lot better and she asked me if I had done something with my hair. Of course, I hadn`t done anything with my hair and I guess that she simply changed her opinion about me.

And she wasn’t the only one. Dating became much more pleasurable because not a lot of women rejected me. What’s more, there is something that happened to me for the first time. A woman approached me and asked me out on a date. Naturally, I said yes.

Pherazone really makes a difference and you would have to be crazy to miss out on such a great opportunity to become more attractive to women.





Top-Rated Pheromones In The World

This article describes and defines human pheromones and discusses the results of clinical studies of men and women who have used them in controlled settings.  

You will learn that pheromones are chemicals that influence dating and mating behavior in humans. And these odorless chemicals have more to do with attraction and sexual behavior than looks, social skills, and money combined. 

Top Human Pheromones

For MEN – The top selling and highest user reviewed men’s pheromone colognes are PherazoneChikara ScentedScent of Eros Scented, and Primal Instinct.

For WOMEN – Our best selling and highest user reviewed women’s pheromone perfume are Pherazone,  Scent of Eros Scented, Alter Ego, and Primal Instinct Unscented

Learn more about the top pheromones for guys here.

What Are Human Pheromones?

Pheromones are chemicals that influence dating and mating behavior in humans. These odorless chemicals have more to do with attraction and sexual behavior than looks, social skills, and money combined. Pheromones tell a potential mate a lot about who you are as a person. Your health, your hormone levels, your physical strength, and your sexual arousal level are all released into the air on human pheromones. 

The incredible power of human pheromones was first discovered by scientists in 1986. They found that women who lived together in the same household often had their menstrual cycles together. At first, this phenomenon was a mystery. Now it has been proven that pheromones play a huge role in this process. 
For example, women exposed to the pheromone secretions of other women in their menstrual cycle experienced either lengthened or shortened cycles based on where that woman was in her own cycle. It has also been proven that male pheromones have a direct effect on a woman’s menstrual cycle as well. Studies have concluded that women exposed to male sweat have had more menstrual cycles and relaxed mood.

How Pheromones Work

Pheromones are emitted primarily from the armpit, the saliva, and the urine. Men’s sweat contains ten different steroid compounds including progesterone derivative androstadienone. This chemical compound has been proven to affect endocrine levels, sexual arousal, and mood.

Conversely, copulins emitted by women have a profound effect on the men around her. Studies have shown the effects of copulins have four distinct stages: Introduction, reception, ascendancy, dominance, and assimilation.

When men are first introduced to these chemical compound emitted by a woman, they have little to no effect. This is the introduction stage. In the reception stage, copulins begin having a direct effect on the male’s hypothalamus and he becomes highly suggestible. By the third stage, ascendancy, the copulins act as neurotransmitters, directly affecting the male thought process. He is able to think for himself but will be less capable of making decisions that contradict the female.

By the dominance stage, men think first about what the female would want before thinking of his own needs. Once the assimilation stage is reached, women report that the men in their lives seem to be able to read their minds and know what they want before asking. 
Copulin addiction occurs at the second stage and men who are suddenly deprived of these chemical compounds often become agitated and upset from the withdrawal.

This information is based on clinical studies down to 60 couples on an ongoing basis. It is important to note many couples never come out of the second stage. You may not see the entire male species dominated by women but you have seen evidence of it before.


 If you’ve ever wondered what causes a man to become “whipped” by a woman, now you know. It’s science!

There once was a time when there was nothing you could do to influence how your pheromones affected others. You just had to play the hand you were dealt. Not anymore. Pheromone perfume and cologne products produce the same reaction as if those chemical compounds were coming straight from you. Your intended mate will never know the difference.

Men, use pheromone cologne to boost your natural scent and have women gravitating toward you like a magnet. Women, use pheromone perfume containing copulins and you are literally in complete control.


Why Pheromones Work and How

 If you’re a guy who keeps asking himself, “Do Pheromones Work?” Is there really a “pheromone to attract women?” Have you searched far and wide for “human pheromone reviews”? Well if that’s you then you need to read this “pheromone review!”

Don’t even think about buying a pheromone product until you read about my results, then decide for yourself if pheromones are right for you.

The Clinical Research on Pheromones 

Back in December of 2007, after doing way to much online research into pheromones, trying desperately to answer my own question, “do pheromones work?”, I came to only two solid conclusions about what scientists had to say on the matter of pheromones to attract women:

1st School of Thought: They really don’t know. Insufficient clinical studies.

2nd School of Thought: Pheromones do something, to some people, but they really don’t know to what extent, or why some people respond and others don’t. Learn how pheromones work.

Preparing The Pheromone Test 

Needless to say, the above research did not really help me answer my question, “Do Pheromones Work?” Six months ago I ordered what I found to be the top 10 pheromone products from three different online stores and decided to test them using empirical research only, by definition this means; “depending upon experience or observation alone, without using scientific method or theory, esp. as in medicine.”

I’ll give you the highlights, I eventually narrowed it down to three different pheromone products, they are not important to know now, but each pheromone product claimed to affect others in slightly different ways.

* Product 1: Claims to ‘dissolve personal space between you and the target, enhancing others general friendliness, chattiness, attraction, and making them calm and relaxed around the wearer.’

* Product 2: Claims to have specifically ‘discovered a chemical that makes people trust each other.’

* Product 3: Claims to give ‘the aura of a confident and classy man,’ and enhanced attraction by the opposite sex.

My Empirical Testing 

The Real Test – I Tried The Stuff!

Having read that these pheromone products can be mixed, or used together so that the wearer can enjoy all the benefits of each product at once, I, of course, applied all three products at once.

I made a solemn decision not to contaminate my testing. I would go to work, not initiate conversation with anyone, nor smile at anyone. My goal was to see if people would somehow react differently towards me without any initiation by myself…Period. I arrived at work at 8:00 am poured my coffee and sat at my desk.

Notable Encounter 1:

At 8:47 a.m., my manager shows up (late!), and walks by me into her office. At 9:11 am she calls me into her office, tells me to get comfortable and starts telling me how well I’m doing my job. She then starts getting personal and talking about her family, and then her personal family problems…Then she asks if I’ve given any serious thought towards applying to become a supervisor with the company since my work quality is so high…

Folks, this lady is known as the IceLady. I’ve never had a personal conversation with her ever before, nor did I know she even had a family. Furthermore, on a professional level, well let’s just say I’ve always kept my resume updated! This encounter is worth documenting.

Notable Encounter 2:

It’s 10:00 a.m., I step outside to have a ten-minute smoke break. There I stand in all my glory, late 30-something, bald, a little gut, smoking my Marlboro Lights. Two very attractive young ladies in their early twenties are walking up the sidewalk towards me, clearly downwind of me. Without exaggeration, when they are both about forty feet away from me, I hear them start giggling and whispering to each other. Of course, I ignore them and continue my smoking.

They walk right past me, suddenly very quiet, then one of them breaks from the other, turns around giggling and asks, “excuse me…We were just wondering what kind of cologne you use…It smells real…Hot!” I lied and acted uninterested in her, and said it was my aftershave. They continue down the sidewalk, looking back at me, smiling twice! This encounter is worth documenting.

Folks, this does not happen to me. Not since somewhere in High School, unfortunately. On a scale of 1 to 10, being generous because I’m me, I am probably a 5! Okay!

*Notable Encounter 3:

I’m back to work, taking lunch at my desk at 12:37 p.m. The young lady that sits in the cubicle across from mine relocates herself to my cubicle, uninvited. She is twenty-four years old I think, quite attractive, with a live-in muscular low life boyfriend. We never really talk, only in passing about work-related things.

Today she is all personal. Talking about her relationship, wanting to know about mine, refused to believe me when I told her I was single? She was very relaxed, open, and border-line intrigued with me? She tells me how much she respects me, and my work and she just can’t believe a good woman hasn’t claimed me yet.

Then the kicker, as I’m telling her that I’m no great catch, she informs me that she wishes she had a ‘kind, sensitive, and honest man like me’, and then WAIT FOR IT…she says, “and YOU even smell like a REAL MAN!” The next half-hour was spent counseling her regarding her relationship problems. This encounter is worth documenting.

Note: These three encounters all occurred the same day of my combined use pheromone test. Without provocation or initiation by myself in any way. Furthermore, I just don’t usually have these effects on women or anyone else for that matter.

My Conclusion 

Do Pheromones Work? Yes, some of them do, on certain people.

During the twelve-day period in which I tested the top 10 pheromone products, I was able to observe and deduce the following:

1. Not all pheromones attract women. Only 4 out of 10 seemed to cause any noticeable response from those around me!

2. Not all women responded to the pheromones. On average, from what I was clearly able to observe at least, 6 out of 10 women responded, as highlighted above, 1 responded but less obviously, and 3 seemed to have no response at all.

3. When the top 3 pheromone products were worn at the same time, versus wearing one product at a time, the women who had previously shown they responded to pheromones, to begin with, did, in fact, respond more aggressively and obviously then they had prior, while I was wearing just one product by itself. Learn about the most powerful pheromones.

4. I’m not sure exactly what these top pheromone products do, or how they do their voodoo they do so well, but I did observe that SOMETHING most certainly HAPPENED when I wore them…There was a result!

 Imagine how the above encounters may have played out if I was nice, receptive, and responded to these individual’s approaches…What do you think? Do pheromones work?…Can you say…Too easy.


Dealing With Pheromones in A Break-Up

Dealing with pheromones and women can be tricky. First of all, your position is weak and you’ve lost your pheromone dominance, because you’ve asked her to give you another chance basically… you’ve shown your hand.

If you had more women and pheromones in your life, this wouldn’t be something you concern yourself with… she’d be concerned, but you wouldn’t. Better that way.

So now you’re going to be performing most likely, it’ll feel disingenuous and forced. Maybe even creepy and weird. You won’t give her the human pheromone experience you think she needs, for you to get what you want stronger pheromones.

To be honest… if she were that incredible, you probably would have paid her more attention… if she were that cool, she probably would’ve gone out and made some friends by now (but my standards may be different to yours… not better/worse… different).

Deedook makes a good point in that regard about pheromone concentrations entering the VNO.

You can send her a pheromonal message like:

“Listen I’ve been thinking… the reasons you’re not happy here, I can’t fix for you. You need friends here and I can’t make them for you. I do love you and I’d prefer you to be in my life than not. But if I can’t give you what you need, I’m wasting your time and I couldn’t forgive myself for that. You’ll always have me as a friend xx”

If nothing else it puts things back on your terms. You regain the power. Yes, you might lose her, but hey – you’re a 36 year old with his fucking dream job!!

Using Pherazone Pheromones in A Relationship

Using Pherazone Ultra pheromones can be beneficial to anyone involved in a relationship that needs to spice things up. Pherazone contains the most powerful blend of pheromones on the market and increase attraction more than any competing brand. Learn why Pherazone is so popular.

Now onto the more important part… what the fuck are you doing thinking you’ve done something wrong here? You got your DREAM JOB and you’ve been working it like a MOTHER FUCKER!! . That’s AMAZING!! GREAT FOR YOU! If she’s not on board, fuck her.

Do you know how awesome it is to be with a guy who has his DREAM JOB? How RARE that is?? And the MONEY? I mean money doesn’t matter but shit, let’s not forget it either!

Dude, you’re a winner. And there’s every chance this 1 in 3,500,000,000 girl might ‘not’ be the be all, end all, you know?

Here’s what I imagine happened:

– Life is going ok… meet girl… kisses, cuddles and fucks make life feel better…

– Get dream job… life becomes amazing, because dream job…

– Girl gets all complacent and lazy but pussy everything’s not as good for her as it is for you…

– Girl makes no effort to improve her position but goes back to her comfort zone…

– You start missing the kisses, cuddles and fucks…

– You get a bit lonely one night and make a choice between:

  1. A) Go out and meet a new girl, spray champagne over her tits and eat caviar off her clit
  2. B) Call old girl and try to get her back

Depending on your perspective… one will seem infinitely easier than the other. I feel you went what you felt was path of least resistance. Learn Tinder dating secrets.

KEEP THIS IN MIND: You’re a Winner… other girls will want you (dudes with their dream job are almost always more happy, more interesting, more passionate, more full of life and more fulfilled than the regular dregs and wage slaves society produces…)…

Boostultimate Supplement Any Good?

Best supplements and foods for Sex and having great sexlife? Which ones are clear improvements to our sexlife? Any good recommendations?

Ginger has been very positive for me, and it seems like for a few others in that thread. Not everyone’s going to respond in exactly the same way toward some things, I’m sure. Learn about Boostultimate |

I would agree that of course exercise is hugely beneficial. Probably, pretty much, even requisite. Pine pollen has been very beneficial for me for general mood and probably all else as a result. I’d add in the practice of not finishing off / ejaculating all the time. It’s gotten to a point where that just seems like a crazy habit to maintain. But yeah, I still don’t see how you want this thread to differ in topic from the other one, unless you just want a summation. Try things out that are mentioned in that thread? See what personally works for you? To my experience anything that boost ur testosterone can make your horny, I’ve tried. Selengine – works great on libido and also help to get a hard on much more often.

Tribullus – more T more aggressive more sex driven. Maca /ginses – quite mild effect noticeable after taking it for longer periods of time. Ginger – no sexual boost for me just more energy. Citrulline malate –  (thanks yoga boy)  works wonders lol but some people just don’t respond to it so well it works very well for me but 2 of my friends don’t react to it at all.

In general I would say that just simply going to the gym and not compulsory fapping works the best, everything else is a over compensation to a unhealthy diet or a girl that’s not hot enough. Spring onion is also powerful.

And for a great sex life, you may consider eating a lot of parsley with all the onion and garlic you’re devouring. Really does wonders for your breath. Well I was looking back on all the supplements yesterday, and said to myself, if I had to start again, which ones I would keep taking for the rest of my life.

Only 1 really stood out for me, and that’s ZMA.

2 x ZMA a night are essential for me. I noticed after 2 weeks of not taking ZMA, I would get these lows and mild depression, a self doubt in myself and abilities. Something I experienced a lot last year before I started taking ZMA at all, and it was never elevated with the copious amounts of other supplements I had ever experimented with. It felt like a frustration deep inside, a feeling I just couldn’t get rid of. However I noticed if I always take 2 ZMA a night, my life is always on a positive note, I always feel happy, and it’s hard to ever feel frustrated or angry. But this is probably unique to me, as my friend has taken ZMA for years, and he went through a deep depressive cycle. Then again our ZMA’s are different forms of zinc and magnesium, so this could make a difference in it’s effect. I take the cheap myprotein’s own brand, and he takes the official brand. Whatever the case, ZMA is probably my top supplement for life improvement.