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This article describes and defines human pheromones and discusses the results of clinical studies of men and women who have used them in controlled settings.  

You will learn that pheromones are chemicals that influence dating and mating behavior in humans. And these odorless chemicals have more to do with attraction and sexual behavior than looks, social skills, and money combined. 

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What Are Human Pheromones?

Pheromones are chemicals that influence dating and mating behavior in humans. These odorless chemicals have more to do with attraction and sexual behavior than looks, social skills, and money combined. Pheromones tell a potential mate a lot about who you are as a person. Your health, your hormone levels, your physical strength, and your sexual arousal level are all released into the air on human pheromones. 

The incredible power of human pheromones was first discovered by scientists in 1986. They found that women who lived together in the same household often had their menstrual cycles together. At first, this phenomenon was a mystery. Now it has been proven that pheromones play a huge role in this process. 
For example, women exposed to the pheromone secretions of other women in their menstrual cycle experienced either lengthened or shortened cycles based on where that woman was in her own cycle. It has also been proven that male pheromones have a direct effect on a woman’s menstrual cycle as well. Studies have concluded that women exposed to male sweat have had more menstrual cycles and relaxed mood.

How Pheromones Work

Pheromones are emitted primarily from the armpit, the saliva, and the urine. Men’s sweat contains ten different steroid compounds including progesterone derivative androstadienone. This chemical compound has been proven to affect endocrine levels, sexual arousal, and mood.

Conversely, copulins emitted by women have a profound effect on the men around her. Studies have shown the effects of copulins have four distinct stages: Introduction, reception, ascendancy, dominance, and assimilation.

When men are first introduced to these chemical compound emitted by a woman, they have little to no effect. This is the introduction stage. In the reception stage, copulins begin having a direct effect on the male’s hypothalamus and he becomes highly suggestible. By the third stage, ascendancy, the copulins act as neurotransmitters, directly affecting the male thought process. He is able to think for himself but will be less capable of making decisions that contradict the female.

By the dominance stage, men think first about what the female would want before thinking of his own needs. Once the assimilation stage is reached, women report that the men in their lives seem to be able to read their minds and know what they want before asking. 
Copulin addiction occurs at the second stage and men who are suddenly deprived of these chemical compounds often become agitated and upset from the withdrawal.

This information is based on clinical studies down to 60 couples on an ongoing basis. It is important to note many couples never come out of the second stage. You may not see the entire male species dominated by women but you have seen evidence of it before.


 If you’ve ever wondered what causes a man to become “whipped” by a woman, now you know. It’s science!

There once was a time when there was nothing you could do to influence how your pheromones affected others. You just had to play the hand you were dealt. Not anymore. Pheromone perfume and cologne products produce the same reaction as if those chemical compounds were coming straight from you. Your intended mate will never know the difference.

Men, use pheromone cologne to boost your natural scent and have women gravitating toward you like a magnet. Women, use pheromone perfume containing copulins and you are literally in complete control.


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