SizeGenetics Penis Extender Review

If you have been researching different ways in which you can increase the size of your penis, then you must have encountered SizeGenetics. If you haven’t, then you’ve been doing it wrong.

Namely, SizeGenetics is definitely one of the most popular penis extenders in the world and it has been one for over 15 years. It was first introduced onto the market in 1995 and it has been helping men from all over the world get the penises they always wanted. So, what it is all about and how does this happen? Also, does SizeGenetics permanently increase penis size? Let’s start from the top.

What Is SizeGenetics?

First of all, SizeGenetics is a medical device, type 1 medical device, which ensures the quality of manufacturing and which also guarantees that it has been tested and tried by independent bodies and groups. Unlike different pills, patches and whatever, it has been proven effective and it is endorsed by a number of medical experts from the field.

How It Works

It works by applying traction to the penis. It consists of a base, a ring which is set around the glans of the penis and two rods which apply traction which makes the penis grow through cell division and creation of new cells that are filling out the micro tears that are being produced by traction.

The results that you can achieve with SizeGenetics are simply stunning. For instance, you can achieve an increase in the length of the penis of as much as 2 inches, while the average increase amounts to about an inch, inch and a half. The increase in girth is not that dramatic, but you can gain almost 20% more girth with the proper use of SizeGenetics.

6 Months For Results

The proper use of SizeGenetics involves a long process which will need to last at least 6 hours each day. And this has to be done for at least 6 months before you can expect to see noticeable results. This sure seems like a lot of time to be wearing something around your penis.

However, with SizeGenetics, you get the level of comfort you simply do not get with other penis extenders. Especially now that they have introduced a new feature which allows you to orient your penis in any direction you want in order to achieve perfect comfort. This way, you can wear your SizeGenetics under normal clothes, which allows you to wear it while you are going around on your business.

Furthermore, SizeGenetics can also be used in order to correct any curvature of the penis, be it simply something you were born with or due to conditions like Peyronie’s disease. It is not only meant for enlarging the penis, but also for treating certain conditions.

Improved Confidence with SizeGenetics

Offering the Ultimate System of Comfort, SizeGenetics offers men the ideal amount of comfort which is required for the task. However, the catch is to wear the extender and put it on so that you do not have to use it ever again.

You should never doubt the authenticity of SizeGenetics because it is backed by a genuine certificate as a medical device. Other sites often use tricky clauses and it is advised that you should not go for any of these. If you doubt the authenticity of any of the providers, request for their medical certification because companies often fraudulently engage in second-hand practices.

Endorsed by medical practitioners all over the world, SizeGenetics is regarded as a safe and non-surgical way of penis extension. However, if you go for any other device that claims that it is backed by the medical fraternity, the chances are they are not. Occupying the market for a period of 16 years, SizeGenetics began their journey since 1995 which means a wider network and ample experience in operating the market. This is a guarantee of delivering comfortable services as compared to other products around.

Superior Comfort

The comfort standards of SizeGenetics cannot be ignored. Other than being supremely comfortable, the extender helps your penis to fit in perfectly. There are at present almost 10000 customers enjoying the benefits of SizeGenetics and the company deals with an enormous amount of data every day to cater to customers or subscribers. It is also a fact that a majority of customers have reported to realizing ample benefits primarily because of the failure of previous male enhancement devices.

The lack of being used made the other penis extenders tough to handle and thereby no results were achieved. As a result of this, they formed fears and doubts about the different penis extenders that are available in the market. The truth as to why SizeGenetics works is because it has been tried and tested. It is not an ordinary or inferior device which fails to deliver what it promises. This is why SizeGenetics builds on being comfortable and unique to secure the confidence and faith of customers.

Most Effective Penis Extenders

Penis extenders, initially created by medical professionals to correct penile curvatures, proved to become the most effective method of increasing penis length and girth.

There are several ways to increase penis size now, such as enhancement pills, penis exercise programs, patches, pumps. But comparing to all of these methods, penis extenders have 1 major advantage. That is, only penis extenders can give you permanent penis enlargement results. With the rest you just achieve moderate and temporary success, if any!

Why Penis Extenders Are Better Than Other Methods

Another unbeatable advantage is that penis extenders appear to be the easiest way to enlarge your penis. Adding 1-1.5 inches to penis length may require 6-9 months of daily consistent exersice routines. Penis pumps also cause moderate enlargement, while posing serious risk of damaging your penile vessels. Patches are a waste of money. Pills usually only improve your erections and create visual illusion of increased size, which is temporary.

Today’s market of penis extenders is growing, and many extenders brands popping out, but are they all safe and effective? There are too many companies that scream about fast enlargement results, and their product quality. But in reality, many extenders prove to be made of unreliable materials, and not calibrated for maximum effectiveness and safety of traction. Yet, they cost as much as the top of the range extenders. That’s why out independent resource reviews penis extenders and dissects quality from fakes. Learn more about penis extenders for big gains.

There are too many variables that determine the quality of extender. This includes quality of materials and extender parts, technology used to ensure comfort of wearing, reputation of the manufacturer, and real medical evidence of it’s effectiveness.

Best Penis Extenders of 2018

We analysed almost every penis extender brand available on the market. We picked only the best penis exenders that fully comply with the highest standards and are worth your investment.


SizeGenetics is one of the most established brands in the industry. It remains the pioneer when it comes to overall quality and results.

This is the extender created by plastic surgeons and clinically tested for safety and results. It’s been endorsed by doctors worldwide as alternative to penis enlargement surgery.

SizeGenetics is being constantly improved, and offers the most advanced technology for the comfortable usage. It’s made of medical-grade materials and carries the European CE stamp of approval. This is only given to the highest quality devices.

What’s most important – the results that men get with SizeGenetis are clinically studied, so you are guaranteed to achieve up to 3 inches penis growth using SizeGenetics. Results are based on actual studies, not claims. The evidence from 1000′s of real SizeGenetics customers is incredibly positive.

Another advantage of SizeGenetics is the best value for money among the top rated devices. WIth SizeGenetics extender you also get huge discount for other male enhancement products, free access to PenisHealth exercise program, LoveCentria sex guide. Each order is covered by full 180-days money-back guarantee and free shipping worldwide.

X4 Labs Extender

X4 Labs extender is another top rated device for highest standards of it’s development and production. The main feature is focusing on maxumum effectiveness in penis enlargement. They accomplish this by providing exclusive comfort strap systems that ensure a perfect.

X4 extender’s hybrid support systems allow you to pick the most convenient type of extender fixation for your penis. And that allows you to ahieve enlargement results much faster than with outdated silicone straps, found on 99% of other penis extenders.

These developments by X4Labs lead to exceptionally high success rate among X4Labs customers.

Another huge advantage of X4Labs is offering 5 different packages of extender – depending on your penis size and budget. Each package also allows you to pick the option for increasing penis girth is this is your main concern.

Just like SizeGenetics, X4 Labs extender has also been clinically tested for guaranteed results, and company offers full 6 months guarantee and free shipping.

Vimax Extender

Vimax extender is one of the most reputable extenders on the male enhancement market. It’s been available for over 7 years, and it’s popularity is very stable.

Vimax extender is made of the medical grade allergen-free materials, and also passed clinical proof of effectiveness. Average increase in penis length with Vimax is up to 3 inches, and up to 25% in penis girth.

The only drawback comparing to the SizeGenetics and X4Labs is the silicone noose strap that was the standard for many years. Nowadays, there are more advanced technologies appeared like hybrid comfort straps.

However, the Vimax company decided to make this extender affordable to most men, since it proved it’s effectiveness. So now instead of paying $289.95 (it was the cost for many years) you can affort it only for $99.95.

Vimax extender is the most affordable among top of the range penis extenders. Clinically tested and proven to work, this is a high quality device. It comes with a 180-days money back guarantee for only $99.95.


ProExtender comes as an all-in-one penis enlargement system that promises not only a permanent increment in your penis size, but also an intense and much more satisfying sexual lifestyle.

The System includes the original ProExtender™ penis traction device, VigRX™ PE Pills for a whole month and a bottle of Semenax™ Semen volume booster pills. The system also comes with a penis enlargement exercises CD that will guide you through some of the most effective penis health improvement exercise routines.

Originally, the ProExtender device was developed way back in 1994 by a leading penile surgeon, Dr. Jorn Ege Siana (MD, Scandinavian Clinic of Plastic Surgery, Copenhagen, Denmark). It is a result of years of research and clinical studies in the permanent penis enlargement science.

The device is now backed by medical communities for being one of the best penis extenders available in the market and it has got tens of thousands of satisfied customers to vouch for its effectiveness.


Phallosan is a penis stretcher that has gone through clinical studies to show that it really does enlarge the penis. It is a well known system throughout Europe due to its effectiveness; it can even be purchased from Pharmacies in Germany!

Unlike normal stretchers, Phallosan also uses a vacuum protector to help regulate blood flow. It is this unique combination which has allowed people to benefit from additional length and extra girth for the past several years.

By stretching the penis it causes tiny micro tears within the penis tissues, as the tissues repair it will increase the length and width of the penis. The recommended time to wear the device for is 8-10 hours; the device can be worn either throughout the day or during the night.

How do you wear The Phallosan Device?

The device has been designed to be very simple to wear and will only take a couple of minutes to attach it to the penis.

The device comes with a special stretch condom that goes on the penis and is the rolled down to the bottom of the shaft.

The loop is then attached to one part of the orthopaedic belt; the loop is then placed over the penis. The belt is then taken around the waist and attaches to the other end of the loop.

Unlike other devices that can cause the penis to slip, with Phallosan the penis is securely in place and has no chance of slipping out and causing any embarrassment.

Simply wear the device day or night for 8-10 hours, all you need to do is change the direction of stretch every 2 days.