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I have been using pheromones on and off for about three years. In search of a new and more powerful pheromone led me to discover Pherazone Ultra for men – the most powerful pheromone concentration on the market by far!

My Experience and Test Results with Pherazone

Pherazone is a fast acting concentrated pheromone. The first girl that I ever wanted to kiss, but didn’t. We were lying in her bed, talking, very closely. I felt scared as hell. Witaah! I punched the first one fist of love, but I didn’t stop thinking, I got really anxious actually. As soon as I applied Pherazone Ultra I noticed a significant change in her mood. She was way more receptive to me. She told me later that I could’ve kissed her then. Damnit! Ah, well, when boys and girls are young 😉

Oh lol, that girl in Stockholm. No punches of love there, she just gave me snuss and then she came over to me and we kissed.

I met a woman in the computer room once at my uni. I asked her if I was disturbing her, realizing that I made a very obnoxious phone call (note: wasn’t intending on picking her up, really wanted to make sure she was okay). She said that I didn’t. I asked her what she was working on. We talked, I noticed that we shared a lot of similarities and she commented on how great I smell (thanks PherazoneJ).

She studied business and switched to AI, I studied business too and switched to information science. She knew Italian a bit, I knew Italian a bit. She was ambitious, I was ambitious. After an hour of talking I noticed how long her legs were, and that her panty was quite nicely laced and wrapped around her legs indeed, I looked at her feet and it all felt so natural. I looked up at her and suddenly I felt my heart going 160 BPM. I slowly started to realize… I was getting horny.

“But how can this be?” I thought. “We are talking about computers and algorithms!” I proclaimed to myself. “She’s cool, but I didn’t see her as a sexual being over an hour!” Then I noticed that my meditation blocked me from seeing her that way. She was actually quite beautiful. I decided to ask her Facebook, no kungfu punches of l’amore here.

The next day I got a heartfelt (long, loooong!) message from her where she explained that the sexual tension between us was real but that she has a boyfriend and wants to commit to him. I still meet with her from time to time. I’ve never ever felt that tension with her again.

Hmm… I’m getting a few memories where I definitely did use cheaper pheromones. What’s the difference?

Reference A (Using Pherlure pheromones)

Berlin, 2009 (I think…), I approach a woman while we’re both crossing the street. I proclaim what an amazing energy she has and how she basically has me eating from the palm of her hand. She was really really really flattered. My energy was really reall reaylly high. Cars were driving towards us and death was almost imminent. We really really really had to run. So I grabbed her hand and we got to a sidewalk.

I think she’s my prime experience of “situation where I used the most kino in and escalated as fast as possible by using kino”. She knew what’s up. She knew what I wanted. She allowed it. She got used to it. 20 minutes in, I want to kiss her. She says “no… no…. noooooooo…. ” her smile was so beautiful, I relented. The next day I kissed her after 20 minutes.

There wasn’t much sexual tension with Pherlure, other than me having a crush on her due to her film star like beauty. I don’t remember that she felt a lot of tension is what I’m trying to say. No in this case Pherazone did the trick. Sexual tension builds desire with pheromones. Learn more about Pherazone Ultra results.

Conclusion: If you want to experience the most powerful pheromone than make sure you get your hands on a bottle of Pherazone!

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Using Pheromones

Once settled in next to Jessica, Peter’s eyes moved away from her hair, the physical trait he had seen first, and he began to fall in love with the sound of her voice. He then found himself reacting to her perfume but was it her perfume, or her own scent? At one point in their conversation, Peter reached over and touched Jessica’s hand briefly. He noticed that her skin was soft and smooth.

Jessica, too, began to pay attention to more and more of Peter’s attributes. She found herself drawn to him physically. He smelled nice. She liked his laugh. She said she felt safe in his presence.

The flight ended, and both Peter and Jessica were disappointed at the prospect of parting. They exchanged phone numbers and promised to keep in touch. Four years later, they are a happy, energetic couple-and very much in love. Even their busy lives, which take them around the world and to their several homes, don’t get in the way of their chemical attraction, an attraction that is evident in how they look at each other, and how each responds to the other.

It’s clear that Peter and Jessica relied on a complex interplay of sensory cues to discover their mutual attraction layer by layer. They did have a number of things in common, and those similarities helped propel their first meeting into a courtship and an ensuing relationship. Still, their story reveals the degree to which their senses were involved during their first exchange aboard the airplane.

Humans are sensory creatures. Every second of our waking hours is spent sifting through the myriad stimuli that filter into our sense organs and travel to our brains for processing and decoding. When we meet someone, our senses jump to attention and begin to deliver information that helps us determine whether the person standing in front of us is appealing. But how does it all happen, and in what order?

I knew that Jessica would be attracted to the smell of human pheromones.

Pheromones still challenges scientists researching sensory systems. The order in which sensory cues are processed depends on the parameters of each individual situation. So, rather than attempt to assign an easy—to-understand formula to each sense, it’s better to view them as separate biological systems, each vitally important to the final result: sensory perception.

The ancient Greeks were the first to divide the human senses into the five categories of touch, sight, hearing, taste, and smell.

The sixth sense has not been named officially, but it might be accurate to call it the pheromone sense: a system of chemical communication that processes those airborne molecules that facilitate subconscious communication between people. When an invisible, odorless pheromone molecule enters the human nose, it encounters the vomeronasal organ.

The pheromone and the VNO then begin to communicate via a succession of chemosensory signals. Once stimulated by pheromones, the human VNO responds by sending messages down the highway of neurons that terminates in the hypothalamus.

While the brain is the processing and distribution center for all the senses, the pheromone sense and the sense of smell are the only ones connected directly to the oldest region of the brain, the region that was in place long before the seat of consciousness the cerebral cortex evolved to its present size.

Given that the pheromone sense is processed in the hypothalamus, can we surmise that humans live by feelings and behaviors evoked by pheromonal stimuli? While this is certainly what happens in many animals, humans are somewhat different. Humans do indeed process pheromonal cues, but for the most part we don’t follow those cues with blinders on and all logic thrown to the wind. We take in and process pheromones, and the hypothalamus tells us what to do at a subconscious level. Whether we choose to listen to the call of the hypothalamus, however, is largely dictated by the degree to which our other sensory and cognitive systems interject their own information. When you take in another person’s pheromones, your cortex