Why Pheromones Work and How

 If you’re a guy who keeps asking himself, “Do Pheromones Work?” Is there really a “pheromone to attract women?” Have you searched far and wide for “human pheromone reviews”? Well if that’s you then you need to read this “pheromone review!”

Don’t even think about buying a pheromone product until you read about my results, then decide for yourself if pheromones are right for you.

The Clinical Research on Pheromones 

Back in December of 2007, after doing way to much online research into pheromones, trying desperately to answer my own question, “do pheromones work?”, I came to only two solid conclusions about what scientists had to say on the matter of pheromones to attract women:

1st School of Thought: They really don’t know. Insufficient clinical studies.

2nd School of Thought: Pheromones do something, to some people, but they really don’t know to what extent, or why some people respond and others don’t. Learn how pheromones work.

Preparing The Pheromone Test 

Needless to say, the above research did not really help me answer my question, “Do Pheromones Work?” Six months ago I ordered what I found to be the top 10 pheromone products from three different online stores and decided to test them using empirical research only, by definition this means; “depending upon experience or observation alone, without using scientific method or theory, esp. as in medicine.”

I’ll give you the highlights, I eventually narrowed it down to three different pheromone products, they are not important to know now, but each pheromone product claimed to affect others in slightly different ways.

* Product 1: Claims to ‘dissolve personal space between you and the target, enhancing others general friendliness, chattiness, attraction, and making them calm and relaxed around the wearer.’

* Product 2: Claims to have specifically ‘discovered a chemical that makes people trust each other.’

* Product 3: Claims to give ‘the aura of a confident and classy man,’ and enhanced attraction by the opposite sex.

My Empirical Testing 

The Real Test – I Tried The Stuff!

Having read that these pheromone products can be mixed, or used together so that the wearer can enjoy all the benefits of each product at once, I, of course, applied all three products at once.

I made a solemn decision not to contaminate my testing. I would go to work, not initiate conversation with anyone, nor smile at anyone. My goal was to see if people would somehow react differently towards me without any initiation by myself…Period. I arrived at work at 8:00 am poured my coffee and sat at my desk.

Notable Encounter 1:

At 8:47 a.m., my manager shows up (late!), and walks by me into her office. At 9:11 am she calls me into her office, tells me to get comfortable and starts telling me how well I’m doing my job. She then starts getting personal and talking about her family, and then her personal family problems…Then she asks if I’ve given any serious thought towards applying to become a supervisor with the company since my work quality is so high…

Folks, this lady is known as the IceLady. I’ve never had a personal conversation with her ever before, nor did I know she even had a family. Furthermore, on a professional level, well let’s just say I’ve always kept my resume updated! This encounter is worth documenting.

Notable Encounter 2:

It’s 10:00 a.m., I step outside to have a ten-minute smoke break. There I stand in all my glory, late 30-something, bald, a little gut, smoking my Marlboro Lights. Two very attractive young ladies in their early twenties are walking up the sidewalk towards me, clearly downwind of me. Without exaggeration, when they are both about forty feet away from me, I hear them start giggling and whispering to each other. Of course, I ignore them and continue my smoking.

They walk right past me, suddenly very quiet, then one of them breaks from the other, turns around giggling and asks, “excuse me…We were just wondering what kind of cologne you use…It smells real…Hot!” I lied and acted uninterested in her, and said it was my aftershave. They continue down the sidewalk, looking back at me, smiling twice! This encounter is worth documenting.

Folks, this does not happen to me. Not since somewhere in High School, unfortunately. On a scale of 1 to 10, being generous because I’m me, I am probably a 5! Okay!

*Notable Encounter 3:

I’m back to work, taking lunch at my desk at 12:37 p.m. The young lady that sits in the cubicle across from mine relocates herself to my cubicle, uninvited. She is twenty-four years old I think, quite attractive, with a live-in muscular low life boyfriend. We never really talk, only in passing about work-related things.

Today she is all personal. Talking about her relationship, wanting to know about mine, refused to believe me when I told her I was single? She was very relaxed, open, and border-line intrigued with me? She tells me how much she respects me, and my work and she just can’t believe a good woman hasn’t claimed me yet.

Then the kicker, as I’m telling her that I’m no great catch, she informs me that she wishes she had a ‘kind, sensitive, and honest man like me’, and then WAIT FOR IT…she says, “and YOU even smell like a REAL MAN!” The next half-hour was spent counseling her regarding her relationship problems. This encounter is worth documenting.

Note: These three encounters all occurred the same day of my combined use pheromone test. Without provocation or initiation by myself in any way. Furthermore, I just don’t usually have these effects on women or anyone else for that matter.

My Conclusion 

Do Pheromones Work? Yes, some of them do, on certain people.

During the twelve-day period in which I tested the top 10 pheromone products, I was able to observe and deduce the following:

1. Not all pheromones attract women. Only 4 out of 10 seemed to cause any noticeable response from those around me!

2. Not all women responded to the pheromones. On average, from what I was clearly able to observe at least, 6 out of 10 women responded, as highlighted above, 1 responded but less obviously, and 3 seemed to have no response at all.

3. When the top 3 pheromone products were worn at the same time, versus wearing one product at a time, the women who had previously shown they responded to pheromones, to begin with, did, in fact, respond more aggressively and obviously then they had prior, while I was wearing just one product by itself. Learn about the most powerful pheromones.

4. I’m not sure exactly what these top pheromone products do, or how they do their voodoo they do so well, but I did observe that SOMETHING most certainly HAPPENED when I wore them…There was a result!

 Imagine how the above encounters may have played out if I was nice, receptive, and responded to these individual’s approaches…What do you think? Do pheromones work?…Can you say…Too easy.


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